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Specialty motor vehicle inspections and appraising is our only business.  We don’t buy, sell, repair, restore or transport motor vehicles, nor do we permit them to be advertised for sale on our website.  We believe a full-time commitment to assessing distinctive vehicles allows us to concentrate on what we do best, and to offer the highest quality, most timely evaluations possible.


All of our detailed Pre-Purchase or Pre-Sale Inspections include a state-of-the-art Report that entails a full, bumper-to-bumper field inspection of each vehicle by an ASE-certified Inspector, verification of VIN number and a careful analysis of the cosmetic and mechanical condition, where possible.  Accompanying the visual inspection is a full complement of digital photographs to verify the observations made. 


Each Market Value Appraisal is supported by market research, an extensive database of comparable vehicles,  opinions of marque-specific authorities, the most recent sales data or historical valuation trends, plus CarFax® and/or DMV printouts where applicable.  In addition, we attempt to personally meet or speak with the owner of each vehicle in order to gain as much personal insight as possible.  Any relevant documentation supplied by an owner is taken into account as part of the overall evaluation.


We endeavor to produce the most accurate and impartial Evaluation Reports possible, consistent with accepted industry standards.


DISCLAIMER: This inspection and the estimated value(s) expressed in this Evaluation Report are opinions only. By purchasing this Evaluation Report, the consumer acknowledges that the Inspector and/or all parties relative to the compilation of this Report, cannot be held responsible for any and all alleged vehicle defects. Further, the consumer releases and holds harmless the Inspector and/or all parties relative to the compilation of this Report from any and all future claims relating to the subject vehicle. The consumer also acknowledges that this Evaluation is no assurance of obtaining financing, insurance coverage, insurance settlement, or the purchase or sale of the subject vehicle.  Purchasing a vehicle based solely on information contained in this Report is done so entirely at the consumer’s own risk.  A full or partial refund of the Inspection/Appraisal Fee cannot be provided once this fee has been paid in full.




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