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For almost 50 years MotorTech has served the automobile collector and connoisseur as well as industry professionals by offering high quality, unbiased classic car evaluations giving the individual hobbyist, banker, lawyer or claims manager access to information they need to make informed decisions, whether investing in a long-sought-after special motorcar or arriving at a difficult-to-determine fair market value.


Our Pre-Purchase Inspections, Appraisals and Market Evaluations have covered a broad spectrum, from contemporary, daily-driven "ultimate driving machines" to prized collector cars that have been restored and put on display for an appreciative audience, to rare and exotic high performance sports cars imported from Europe.


Highly coveted American muscle cars and one-of-a-kind hot rods and customs, along with antique motorcars from the first part of the twentieth century have been a staple.  And of course, iconic vehicles like the '57 Chevy or the outrageous '59 Cadillac with the world's largest tailfins.  Or even a humble, one-owner  1960's AMC Rambler that may possess great sentimental value but questionable market presence.


And what's the realistic market value of a 1997 Honda Accord that's been customized with $20,000 worth of engine, suspension, exhaust, wheels, tires, spoilers, interior, paint or other costly modifications?   Or a two-wheeled Indian or wildly customized Hog?


Clearly, these are all vehicles that demand the value of our experience and expertise.

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