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Pre-Purchase / Pre-Sale Inspection


As the name implies, a comprehensive evaluation for assessing the condition and determining the suitability of a vehicle for purchase, sale or financing, often sight-unseen, over long distances







Market Value Appraisal




The most common type of appraisal, sometimes referred to as Fair Market Value, it represents the current (or historic) market value of an intact vehicle or the  replacement cost of a damaged or stolen vehicle of like kind and quality, less any depreciation.  



Prior-to-Loss Assessment


            Designed to establish, document and record the value of a vehicle prior to an unforeseen loss or to refute an opposing assessment after loss occurs


Agreed Value Insurance Coverage


For establishing a binding, agreed-upon value (between insured and insurer) for collector car insurance coverage in the event of a total loss 


Diminished Value Appraisal


To determine the difference in resale value of a vehicle immediately prior to damage occurring and immediately after damage occurred (or after repairs are made).  Often applied to late model luxury autos or  high-end sports cars


Additional Services


  • Damage appraisals

  • Estimated salvage bids

  • Extensive historical research library

  • Private consulting

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