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California Wildfires - Classic and Specialty Vehicle Insurance Claims 

























As some of you know, our California headquarters are located only a few hours south of the horrific wildfire that consumed the wonderful town of Paradise and the surrounding areas.


As tragic as it is, we personally know of numerous classic and specialty vehicles (and collections) that have likely been lost during this catastrophic event. We are also painfully aware of the extensive damage the Woolsey Fire in southern California has caused for our friends in that part of the state.


We have been handling on-site and “virtual” Actual Cash Value appraisals involving specialty motor vehicles for over 48 years, including cars, trucks, trailers, RV’s, ranch & farm equipment, big rigs, and even boats.

If you or your colleagues are having difficulty establishing the fair market value for any vehicles damaged or destroyed in these fires, we can provide an Actual Cash Value valuation regardless of the condition of the damaged vehicle(s), even if completely destroyed. 

Please let us know how we can help

Thank you.

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