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1. Virtual Appraisal*


Offers a certified professional review and opinion of a specific vehicle’s current value range based solely on photographs, documents and additional information provided by the client relating to cosmetic and mechanical condition, mileage, accessories, options and other factors.  This is not intended to offer a comprehensive evaluation of the subject vehicle, but is designed as a cost-effective, general valuation  guideline.  Physical inspection is not offered with this option. 


2. Pre-purchase or Pre-Sale Inspection* *


Complete on-site physical inspection and comprehensive evaluation of subject vehicle performed by certified technicians and appraisers located in all 50 states. 


3. Estimated Current Market Value Appraisal*


Detailed physical inspection, assessment and market valuation for vintage or contemporary vehicles.  Thoroughly documented and supported current market value for YOUR specific vehicle.  Evaluation and market value based on comparison of subject vehicle against current local market vehicles (where available) for sale or recently sold, adjustments for specific model, option, accessory, condition or mileage differences, any modifications and upgrades, a review of, and allowance for, any relevant documents and receipts, price guide references, auction results, historical data, certifications, provenance, consultation with industry or marque-specific authorities, and other factors.  


4. Motor Vehicle Research (hourly) 


For anyone seeking current or historic data, facts, trends and information relating to a specific motor vehicle, brand or production.  Custom designed to your needs. Could include historical manufacturing information, production volume, specific model differences, decoding vehicle codes (engine, transmission, accessory options, paint, interior, etc.), vehicles for sale, sold, or soon to be auctioned.  Information only; no appraisal, evaluation or estimate of value is provided.



*Certain exclusions apply.

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