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The MotorTech Classic Car Network was founded in 1970 in the San Francisco Bay Area by Mr. Robert Adams, a distinguished classic automobile dealer,  appraiser, and motoring enthusiast extraordinaire.  


Currently headed by Mr. Adams' son, the firm has evolved into the preeminent resource for both domestic and imported motor vehicle knowledge and valuation.  


Today, after performing more than 22,000 vehicle inspections and appraisals, MotorTech has become the irrefutable leader in providing comprehensive, timely and unbiased reports to classic automobile buyers and sellers, museums, corporations, government agencies, financial institutions, legal firms and non-profits.



MotorTech is dedicated to providing the finest, most impartial valuations to help owners and potential buyers of exceptional motorcars and other specialty vehicles protect their cherished investments and to assist insurers and other organizations establish a fair and equitable value for all unique motor vehicles. 




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