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Spanning almost five decades and covering more than 22,000 pre-purchase inspections and value appraisals throughout the United States and abroad.  The MotorTech Classic Car Network  has  continually provided its clients with the finest, most comprehensive motor vehicle reports for their classic, vintage, high performance and custom car evaluation needs.




Since 1970 the MotorTech Classic Car Network has been serving all 50 states as well as overseas clients providing comprehensive PRE-PURCHASE INSPECTIONS, MARKET VALUE APPRAISALS and INSURANCE CLAIMS ASSISTANCE for classic, vintage, and custom automobiles & trucks, along with contemporary exotic and high-performance vehicles. 


Professional vehicle evaluations is our ONLY business and has been for all of our 48 years.  We don't buy, sell, broker, restore, repair or transport motor vehicles, nor do we permit them to be advertised for sale on our website.  We believe a full-time commitment to our area of expertise allows us to concentrate on what we do best, and to deliver the highest quality, most accurate evaluations possible.


We offer a range of options to suit any budget, from virtual appraisals to complete, on-site physical inspections, test drives, and evaluations utilizing ASE-certified Inspectors and IAAA Appraisers.


MotorTech delivers neutral, unbiased pre-purchase or pre-sale evaluations to help ease the stress of long-distance transactions and inspire confidence by taking the guesswork and risk out of the equation for anyone shopping for that classic addition to their garage or disposing of an entire collection.


Our 22,000+ evaluations have covered a broad spectrum from contemporary "ultimate driving machines" to museum classics, muscle cars, hot rods, custom two-wheeled "choppers", rare and exotic European sports cars and competition vehicles.


We'll arrange for one of our local field inspectors to conveniently schedule an on-site pre-purchase or pre-sale inspection for remote transactions, or for collector car insurance coverage, physical damage claim, value dispute, prior-to-Loss determination, diminished value assessment, estate valuation or dissolution of marriage settlement. 


When it becomes necessary to establish either a current or historic Fair Market Value, Actual Cash Value or Replacement Cost, we'll research and document the vehicle and provide a thorough and professional appraisal report.  In addition, despite our many years of experience and thousands of evaluations performed on all manner of vehicles, if we ever feel we may not be able to deliver the most accurate valuation possible, we won't hesitate to offer a referral to a uniquely qualified marque-specific authority or politely decline to perform the appraisal.  That's your assurance of receiving the finest evaluation available.

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